How to Protect OnePlus Battery Lifespan With Wise Charging?

OnePlus phones are renowned for their long battery life and fast charging capabilities. But like any phone, the battery capacity will degrade over time with heavy daily usage.

Luckily, OnePlus provides a useful feature called Wise Charging to optimize charging and extend the overall lifespan of your battery.

How to Protect OnePlus Battery Lifespan With Wise Charging?

How to Protect OnePlus Battery Lifespan With Wise Charging
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In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about OnePlus Wise Charging, including how it works, configuration, and tips to maximize battery health.

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What is OnePlus Wise Charging?

OnePlus Wise Charging is an advanced charging algorithm designed to reduce battery aging and degradation. It works by learning your charging habits and patterns, and then intelligently charging your phone to 80% before switching to a trickle charge.

This avoids keeping your battery at 100% charge for prolonged periods, which is the primary cause of lithium-ion battery degradation over time.

Wise Charging aims to find the optimal balance between battery life and charge level.

How Does Wise Charging Work?

Wise Charging relies on artificial intelligence to study your charging patterns. For example, it detects when you typically plug in your phone at night and for how long.

Once it has enough data, Wise Charging will stop charging at 80% until just before you normally unplug your device. This prevents overfilling the battery and wasting charge cycles at 100%.

During the day when you’re using your phone more sporadically, it will charge 100% faster to ensure you have enough power until plugging in at night.

Benefits of OnePlus Wise Charging

Here are some of the key benefits of using Wise Charging:

  • Extends battery lifespan – By reducing time spent by 100%, Wise Charging can dramatically increase the overall life of your battery before needing replacement.
  • Prevents overnight overcharging – Automatically pauses charging once 80% is reached at night when you don’t need full power.
  • Analyzes your usage – Learns your charging habits to provide tailored charging optimized for your personal routine.
  • Saves money – With improved battery health, you won’t need to replace batteries or buy new phones as often.
  • Improved convenience – Never worry about unplugging your phone manually or micromanaging charge levels.

For optimal battery health over years of use, Wise Charging is a set-it-and-forget solution.

How to Enable OnePlus Wise Charging?

Enabling Wise Charging on your OnePlus device only takes a moment:

  1. Open Settings > Battery > Battery Health.
  2. Tap the gear icon to access Battery Health settings.
  3. Turn on “Wise Charging” and select your preferences.
  4. Choose “At Night” or “All Day” depending on when you want it active.
  5. Your phone will now learn usage patterns and adjust charging accordingly.

That’s all you need to do to allow Wise Charging to work its battery-extending magic.

Wise Charging vs. Optimized Charging

OnePlus has offered a similar Optimized Charging feature for several generations. So what’s the difference between Wise Charging?

  • Optimized Charging pauses charging at 80% based on fixed nighttime hours you configure, such as from 10 pm to 7 am daily.
  • Wise Charging uses AI to learn your unique charging schedule and will adjust charging times automatically based on your actual usage patterns, even if irregular.

In other words, Wise Charging requires no manual configuration and provides dynamic charging tailored to you specifically.

Tips to Maximize Battery Health

While Wise Charging will do most of the optimization work for you, there are a few habits you can adopt to further extend your OnePlus battery lifespan:

  • Avoid wireless charging when possible as it generates more heat which can degrade batteries faster over time. Use wired charging ideally.
  • Avoid leaving phones in hot environments like cars on summer days, which adds to aging effects.
  • Unplug once fully charged to reduce time spent by 100%. Wise Charging will handle this automatically at night.
  • Avoid draining to 0% too often as deep discharges add stress. Recharge at 20% to 30% when possible.
  • Use the included charger and cable for optimal charging rates and safety. Avoid low quality third party accessories.

Adopting Wise Charging along with smart charging habits will keep your OnePlus battery in top shape for years to come.

Troubleshooting Wise Charging Issues:

If you’re having issues getting Wise Charging to work properly, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Check that Wise Charging is enabled in Battery settings. Toggle it off/on.
  • Make sure your OS and OxygenOS are fully updated. Wise Charging requires recent software.
  • Check that your daily charging routine is somewhat consistent so the AI can identify patterns.
  • Give it several charge cycles to learn your habits if recently enabled.
  • Restart your phone and check if Wise Charging is working after.
  • Try leaving your phone plugged in overnight to collect charging data.
  • Contact OnePlus Support if still experiencing problems.

With consistent usage patterns, Wise Charging should automatically adjust charging rates to optimize battery health. Allow some learning time if recently enabled.

What’s New in OxygenOS 13

Along with Wise Charging, the latest OxygenOS 13 update for OnePlus phones brings several other useful additions:

  • Aquamorphic design – Smoother, more fluid visual experience
  • Quantum Animation Engine 4.0 – More lifelike animations and physics
  • Dynamic Computing Engine – Intelligent system resource allocation
  • Spatial Audio – Immersive surround sound for media
  • Low-light photo enhancer – Improved brightness and clarity
  • Smart Launcher – Contextual app suggestions
  • Automatic pixilation removal – Clearer image quality

Exciting new features like enhanced performance, visuals, and AI conveniences. Update soon to OxygenOS 13 to enjoy the latest experience.


OnePlus Wise Charging leverages AI and pattern recognition to provide customized charging optimization tailored to your routine. By limiting time spent charging at 100%, it can significantly extend the lifespan of your phone’s battery.

Make sure Wise Charging is enabled in Battery settings. Allow some learning time for the algorithm to detect your usage habits. Combining Wise Charging with smart charging practices will keep your OnePlus battery in peak condition for years.

The latest OxygenOS 13 update also brings exciting enhancements like Aquamorphic design, Spatial Audio, and intelligent workflows. Overall, updating to the newest software ensures you get the most out of your OnePlus device.

Use Wise Charging and adopt smart charging habits to maximize battery longevity. Your OnePlus phone will then keep up with your daily demands for many years to come.

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