How To Join A Broadcast Channel on Facebook?

After successfully debuting on Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this year, Meta is now expanding their new messaging feature, Broadcast Channels, to Facebook and Messenger.

While the flood of requests to join these Channels has irritated some users, the overall reception has been positive so far.

How To Join A Broadcast Channel on Facebook?

How To Join A Broadcast Channel on Facebook
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What are Broadcast Channels?

  • A new one-to-many messaging feature for creators.
  • Allows sending messages to a wide audience via text, images, videos, voice notes, polls, etc.
  • Fans can view content, react, answer questions, and vote in polls.
  • Only creators can actively send messages.

Broadcast Channels enable more personal communication between creators and their biggest supporters. With messages going straight to followers’ inboxes and push notifications, musicians like Bad Bunny have already started using WhatsApp’s version to uniquely share new tracks with fans.

When Will Broadcast Channels Launch on Facebook/Messenger?

  • Currently in testing in select markets.
  • Expected to roll out globally over the next few weeks.

Page managers can request early access. Once access is granted, managers can create Channels directly from the Facebook or Messenger apps.

How Do Broadcast Channels Work?

  • When a Channel is created, the first message triggers a one-time notification to followers to join.
  • If followers opt in, they get notified for every new message (can be muted).
  • Creators send messages, and followers view and interact.

Examples of Broadcast Channels to Check Out:

Channel Category
Netflix Entertainment
Jay Shetty Inspirational
WWE Sports
The Dodo Animals
Hrithik Roshan Celebrity
Shilpa Shetty Kundra Health/Fitness
League of Legends Gaming
International Cricket Council Sports
Goldmine Telefilms Movies/TV

It remains to be seen which platforms will be best suited for different content types. But if you want to try out Broadcast Channels on Facebook/Messenger where available, check out the examples above.

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