How to Get More Likes on Tinder? Get More Matches

If you are on the Tinder app and unable to get matches, even if you’ve tried every so-called tip from love gurus, then follow this post because in this article you’ll find out exactly how to get more Tinder likes so you can go on multiple dates per week.

How to Get More Likes on Tinder?

How to Get More Likes on Tinder

Top 5 Ways to Increase the Chances to Get More Matches on Tinder:

1. Understand and Adhere to Tinder’s Guidelines

Do you find yourself often yearning for more likes on Tinder, but just don’t seem to get any? Are attractive matches infrequent, and does it feel like your profile is lost in the abyss? Worry not! We are here to unravel this mystery and help you turn things around.

The Problem: Sinking in Tinder’s Sea

You might wonder why your profile doesn’t appear to many users, especially when looking for engaging and attractive connections. The reason might lie in a violation of Tinder’s rules, something akin to landing in the doghouse of the dating world.

But don’t lose hope! We’ll throw you a lifeline and explain how this happens.

Tinder’s system could be slashing your rating, pulling your profile all the way to the bottom of everyone’s swipe stack. If your profile is buried deep, the chances of someone finding you become very slim.

Think about it. If a user finds five appealing matches within 30 swipes, why would they delve further into their hundreds of options? If you’re hidden at the end of their 500+ swiping stack, you might as well be invisible.

The Solution: Climbing the Tinder Ladder:

You can change this situation and get noticed on Tinder. It’s all about climbing back up and standing out. How can you accomplish this? Here are some human and straightforward tips:

  • Create an Attractive Profile: Your profile is your first impression. Make it count! Include quality photos, a compelling bio, and anything else that reflects your personality (more on that later).
  • Message Your Matches Promptly: As soon as you get a new match, send a greeting. It shows that you’re genuine and interested. Think of it like offering a warm handshake at the start of a conversation.
  • Share More About Yourself: Tinder values effort. Add links to your Instagram, Spotify, or other personal platforms. It’s like opening up your digital world to others and letting them see more of who you are.
  • Be Selective with Your Swipes: Don’t just like every profile you come across. A study by ASONAM revealed that 3 out of 10 guys do this, but it can come across as insincere. Swipe with intention and show that you value genuine connections.
  • Stay Active: Open the app at least once every day. Consistency matters, and it shows you’re engaged with the platform.

By understanding and following Tinder’s guidelines, you’re not just avoiding the doghouse; you’re putting yourself back in the game. Apply these practical tips, and you’ll never be lost in the swiping stack again.

Instead, you’ll find the connections you’ve been seeking, all while respecting the rules of Tinder’s digital dating world. Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity, and with a bit of effort, you’ll see the results.

2. Fresh Start: Correcting Your Tinder Missteps

In the digital world of Tinder, it might seem like you’re constantly under surveillance. No, it’s not the NSA-level monitoring, but rest assured, Tinder is pretty savvy.

Slides an extra piece of tape over the phone camera, just in case. Tinder keeps track of every action, swipe, and message you’ve ever sent, remembering both your shining moments and your not-so-great ones.

Have you ever paused and wondered: Who is seeing my profile? Why are they the ones seeing it?

Well, don’t scratch your head too much. Let me unravel this for you.

Tinder uses a system called the ELO rating to match you with potential partners. Think of this as your attractiveness scorecard. A higher ELO means your profile will be higher up in the queue, making you visible to potential matches earlier.

So, what influences this mysterious ELO score? Quite a lot:

  • Your photos
  • Your bio’s charm
  • How often do you use Tinder
  • Your swiping habits
  • Popularity among other users

The interesting thing is that most of your initial ELO score is determined within the first 24 hours of creating your profile. After this, if your ELO rating stands at a 6, for instance, you’ll often be matched with users rated around 5, 6, or 7. Those with ratings of 8 or above, or 4 and below, may seldom come across your profile.

However, if you’ve had some unfortunate Tinder moments or made some slip-ups, it can feel like you’re stuck in “ELO purgatory,” constantly matched with less-than-desirable profiles.

Want to elevate your status and shoot for the stars?

Sure, improving your current profile with top-notch photos and engaging bios will help over time. But if you’re aiming for a significant leap, say from a 4 to a 9, that might feel like an endless climb. And patience might not be your strongest suit.

Looking for an instant remedy?

Get everything in place for an impeccable profile, and then take a brave step: DELETE YOUR TINDER ACCOUNT.

Once you’ve wiped the slate clean, recreate your profile using your most captivating photos and an enticing bio. This fresh start might just be the ticket to your Tinder success. After all, everyone deserves a second chance, right?

3. Nail That First Impression with an Unbeatable Profile Photo

Here’s a secret: Your first photo on Tinder can either make or break your dating game. Why? Because it’s the hook that draws someone in or pushes them away.

Before we delve into reshaping that all-important first image, let’s step into the shoes of the average Tinder woman for a moment.

Remember this golden rule: The vast majority of women swipe right only on profiles that genuinely captivate them.

So, it’s clear – only the creme-de-la-creme of profiles win her heart (or at least, her interest).

Now, while the entire gallery of your photos and your bio play their parts, the real deal-breaker is your very first picture. This image determines if you’re even in the running for that coveted right swipe!

In the expansive Tinder universe, where there’s an ocean of profiles vying for attention, the time she invests in scrutinizing your initial photo is fleeting.

If the first look doesn’t evoke intrigue or attraction, the odds of being swiped right dwindle significantly.

So, what goes into crafting that irresistible first photo?

Certainly, natural features play their role. But even more pivotal than possessing dreamy eyes or a jawline that can cut glass is the art of FRAMING.

Looking at Tinder’s top men, we discern a consistent theme:


Top-ranking profiles often showcase a “chest-up” image. It’s rare for these gents to use their first photo to flaunt anything below the collarbone.

Key Tip: Pay attention to how the subject stands out against the backdrop. A neutral background ensures the eyes are automatically drawn to the face, especially the windows to the soul: the eyes. And speaking of eyes, keep them visible! Hiding behind sunglasses is a quick route to the “No” pile.

Pro Tip: Boost the distinction between yourself and the background by dabbling with an image editor, like Photoshop.

And now, to address the age-old conundrum that even Socrates pondered upon: Should you look straight into the camera or glance away?

After much research, analyzing countless photos, diving deep into studies, and seeking insights from the most alluring ladies, the conclusion is:

Go with what feels authentic to you.

If you exude confidence looking directly into the camera, embrace it. If a side gaze feels more natural, then let that be your pose.

4. Say Goodbye to Selfies: Upgrade Your Tinder Game

Let’s face it; Selfies are everywhere! From Instagram to Facebook, from WhatsApp stories to even LinkedIn profiles. But have you ever paused to wonder: Are selfies really the way to go, especially on a platform like Tinder?

Let’s tackle this head-on.

Are selfies a good idea? Well, occasionally.

The reality is, that many selfies tend to miss the mark and are seen as less than appealing. While it might be an exaggeration to say that selfies make people nauseous, research does highlight that 82% of people wish to encounter fewer selfies on their social media feeds. Food for thought, right?

Jesse Carbino, once a chief sociologist for Tinder, has stressed that steering clear of selfies can substantially boost your chances of receiving more likes.

Gentlemen, let’s talk about bathroom selfies for a moment. Trust me, no one wants to see reflections in a poorly cleaned mirror. Beyond the obvious hygiene issues, indoor selfies often suffer from lackluster lighting. This unflattering illumination can accentuate imperfections: pimples appear redder, dark circles are more pronounced, and skin can appear lifeless.

Not the kind of first impression you want to give, right?

Moreover, even if you nail the perfect lighting and angle, a study from the University of Toronto’s psychology department has found that selfies can unintentionally convey negative attributes such as vanity and self-centeredness. Think about it: In a vast world filled with moments to capture, a constant focus on oneself might give off the wrong vibes.

Remember: Your photos should convey that you have experiences, friendships, and interests beyond the confines of your phone’s front camera.

To elevate your Tinder game and increase those coveted right swipes, it’s time to move beyond the selfie!

5. Facebook Photos vs. Tinder Photos: Know the Game

Ever wondered why that Facebook photo with a plethora of likes doesn’t quite hit the mark on Tinder? It’s crucial to understand the distinctions between social media appreciation and online dating preferences.

Perhaps your Facebook profile is brimming with diverse images: cuddling your pet, marveling at the beauty of the Taj Mahal, or even a snapshot of your achievements in Hearth Stone. On Facebook, these images might garner admiration and engagement.

But, before you jump the gun thinking, “Ah, perfect for my Tinder!”— take a moment.

Just because Aunt Linda and your best friend raved about a photo doesn’t guarantee its success in the dating realm.

The reason? Tinder viewers don’t have the backstory to your life. They’re not acquainted with your journey and, initially, aren’t deeply invested in your accomplishments or adventures.

Unlike Facebook, where friends might comb through an intricate photo to catch up with your life, Tinder users are on a mission. They’re trying to quickly gauge if there’s potential for a connection. Their primary thoughts hover around: “What’s his vibe?” and “Could hanging out with him be fun?”

Consequently, a photo packed with friends or set against an overwhelming backdrop might inadvertently slow down her assessment. Such images can dilute the focus, making it a task for her to figure out which one you are or what your vibe is.

Imagine a photo of you against a strikingly busy bird-patterned wall. It might be artsy, but on Tinder, it’s a distraction. It’s not a testament to the women being difficult; they simply have a plethora of options. Even a hint of confusion can lead them to swipe left, given the multitude of other profiles waiting.

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The Bottom Line?

If you’re looking to boost those right swipes, clarity is key. Ensure your photos are straightforward, focusing on showcasing you without any distractions. In the world of online dating, simplicity often wins the day.

So, finally, you learn how to get more likes on Tinder and increase your chances of getting more matches.

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