Top 10 Ways to Grow Instagram Followers Organically in 2024 [Agency Strategy]

Dive into Instagram’s vast digital realm, home to 2.35 billion monthly explorers. It’s a marketer’s paradise, and integrating it into your digital strategy is key for wider reach. Ready to learn how to boost your Instagram followers organically in 2024?

Step into the Instagram dojo, eager follower-seeker. Fantastic! Get ready for a flood of practical insights, and tips to treasure more than ancient texts. Remember, growing your audience organically is the only proven path to reaching your dreams, no matter their form.

Rest assured, we’ve weathered social media’s highs, lows, and algorithm shifts. Our lesson from all this? Organic growth is the true key to achieving your goals.

Best Ways to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Best Ways to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

Welcome, eager learner. That’s precisely what we’re here for. Prepare yourself as we share 37 practical strategies to grow your Instagram following organically. You’ll gain the coveted “Instagram superpowers” to boost your followers, one exceptional post at a time.

It’s vital to note that we’re steering clear of dubious shortcuts like “buying fake followers.” You’ve likely encountered conflicting advice and tempting shortcuts before, like buying fake followers or using bots. These may temporarily inflate your follower count, but they won’t truly benefit your business.

Moreover, Instagram’s algorithm now detects fake activity, rendering such tricks short-lived and potentially harmful.

But fret not! We’ll also explore safe and effective methods, including Influencer Marketing, to enhance your organic growth in this article.

How to Grow Your Instagram Followers Organically in 2024?

This article just got a major upgrade. It’s now loaded with 37 proven tips from Instagram experts to boost your Instagram followers organically, absolutely free.

But that’s not all! We’ve also added six expert posting techniques to ensure maximum engagement from your new organic followers.

For those with a tight schedule, there’s a section on turbocharging your Instagram organic growth through paid Influencer Marketing.

You’ll also find answers to burning questions like:

  • “What’s the Instagram Explore tab, and how can I get featured on it?”
  • “Is it okay to follow a bunch of accounts hoping they’ll follow back?” (Hint: not a good idea!)
  • “How can I land a spot on Instagram’s feed?”

Buckle up and get ready to grow your Instagram followers the right way in 2024!

How to Increase Instagram Account Organically?

  • Acquire followers through General Instagram Loop Giveaways.
  • Expand your Instagram followers with Targeted Instagram Loop Giveaways.
  • Elevate your Instagram presence through Creator/Micro-influencer Marketing.
  • Stay committed to your objectives.
  • Define your target audience clearly.
  • Cultivate a strong brand identity.
  • Craft an impressive profile and bio.
  • Infuse innovation into your content.
  • Actively promote your Instagram profile.
  • Share your Instagram nametag liberally.

Top 10 Ways to Grow Instagram Followers Organically in 2024

  • #1 General Instagram Loop Giveaways

Running a General Instagram Loop Giveaway is a global promotion strategy that connects your Instagram account with millions worldwide. These campaigns, often led by influencers and celebrities, organize giveaway contests where participants enter by following a specified list of accounts, including yours.

The perks include:

  • Rapid acquisition of thousands of real followers in a week.
  • Exponential exposure and increased traffic.
  • Guaranteed growth at a cost-effective rate.

General Loop Giveaways offer substantial benefits, allowing your account to be endorsed by A-list celebrities for a fraction of the cost, often valued at over $50,000.

This simple yet effective method boosts credibility, amasses new followers, and enhances authority.

Using a General Instagram Loop Giveaway exposes your content to millions, gaining thousands of real followers in mere days. However, it’s less precise, making it best suited for top-of-the-funnel goals like Brand Awareness, Exposure, and Social Proof.


  • Rapidly gain thousands of followers.
  • Endorsements from influential accounts and celebrities.
  • Cost-effective strategy.
  • Ideal for top-of-the-funnel campaigns.
  • Amplified Brand Awareness and Social Proof.
  • Increased Exposure.


  • Less targeted follower acquisition.
  • Not ideal for bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns.
  • Limited customization options.

  • #2 Targeted Instagram Loop Giveaways

Targeted Instagram Loop Giveaways offer precision in audience connection, perfect for Middle-of-the-Funnel goals.

You’ll enjoy the freedom to:

  • Define your brand and ideal audience in a brief.
  • Select prizes.
  • Approve influencer creatives.

You can target by location, age, gender, and interests.


  • Gain highly targeted followers.
  • Build credibility and authenticity.
  • Suited for middle and bottom-of-the-funnel goals like sales.


  • Slightly less cost-effective.
  • Slower follower growth.

  • #3 Creator/Micro-Influencer Marketing

Creator/Micro-influencer campaigns offer unmatched flexibility and precise targeting. We connect you with brand-aligned individuals, crafting natural advertisements and user-generated content on their profiles.


  • Forge authentic audience relationships.
  • Harvest abundant user-generated content.
  • Drive sales with Influencer Marketing.
  • Achieve Bottom-of-the-Funnel goals.


  • Limited reach.
  • Fewer followers per campaign.

  • #4 Stay true to your goals

What compelled you to embark on the journey of establishing an Instagram presence for your business in the first place? Was it to achieve these essential objectives:

  • Enhance product sales, ensuring your offerings reach a wider audience.
  • Bolster conversion rates, converting curious onlookers into devoted customers?
  • Elevate the visibility and recognition of your brand, carving a distinctive niche in the digital landscape.

Understanding the fundamental “Why” behind your Instagram presence serves as the compass that guides your strategic decisions. Once you’ve unraveled the essence of your “Why,” you can chart a well-defined path to the “How.”

Here’s the secret sauce: Stay steadfastly aligned with the goals you’ve set for your Instagram account. Consistency in your approach, content, and engagement is the beacon that shines your brand’s essence. It’s the foundation upon which your target audience builds their perception of your business.

Consistency paints a vivid picture of what your brand is all about, forging a positive and lasting impression. This is the cornerstone of cultivating a loyal following for your Instagram account.

As you persistently deliver value, authenticity, and a coherent brand message, you’ll find your audience not just following you but passionately advocating for your brand, turning casual observers into devoted ambassadors.

  • #5 Know who you’re posting for

In the realm of marketing, trying to please everyone is a futile endeavor. Instead, focus your efforts on a specific target market—those who align with your business. To do this effectively, pinpoint:

  • Their age
  • Location
  • Occupations
  • Instagram activity times
  • Challenges they face

With this information, you can tailor your content to genuinely connect with the right audience, fostering meaningful engagement.

  • #6 Build your brand image

In a crowded marketplace, remember you’re never alone; competition is inevitable. To truly stand out, focus on brand engagement. Craft a compelling, consistent brand story that resonates personally and visually with your target audience.

Avoid random posting; maintain a professional appearance to establish expertise. Your branding should seamlessly integrate into your feed, making it instantly recognizable, perhaps through distinctive colors.

  • #7 Create a Great Profile and An Awesome Bio!

Your profile and bio serve as the initial impressions of potential followers as they peruse your feed. To ensure a captivating presence, consider the following:

  • Name: Incorporate a keyword for enhanced brand discoverability during searches.
  • Username: Maintain consistency across all your social media platforms to simplify tracking for loyal followers.
  • Website: Include your business website, as it’s the sole clickable link on your Instagram feed.
  • Bio: Those 150 characters hold significant weight. While you needn’t max out the limit, ensure your bio communicates enough to entice people to hit that follow button.

  • #8 Be creative with your content

Exceptional content shines through when you see a flurry of likes, comments, and shares. Instagram takes note, potentially giving your account a boost and increasing followers and likes.

To create great content, understand your audience’s interests and aim not just to inform but also entertain. Strive for captivating and engaging content. More tips on this coming up!

  • #9 Promote your Instagram account

If you’ve already amassed a sizable following on other social networking platforms, don’t forget to inform them about your Instagram presence. It’s highly probable that your followers on those platforms also maintain Instagram accounts, making them more inclined to follow you there.

To bolster your Instagram promotion efforts, consider sharing a direct link to your Instagram profile. If you’re just embarking on your Instagram journey, ensure you kickstart your feed with a minimum of 12 posts to avoid an empty appearance when people begin exploring your content.

Pro Tip: To reach MILLIONS of new, location-targeted users organically, explore Social Sensei’s Instagram growth strategy.

  • #10 Link to your Instagram profile wherever you can

Seize every chance to boost your Instagram presence. Share your profile link wherever it fits whether in your email signature, on your website, or within your online newsletters.

Consider sending an email blast to your list to announce your brand new Instagram account; it’s a strategic move that can motivate your contacts to connect with you on Instagram.


Here are some potent strategies to supercharge your Instagram followers. However, it’s vital to recognize that the manner in which you portray your brand and interact with users is the true catalyst for sustainable brand expansion.

For those seeking expert guidance, consider reaching out to Social Sensei, the preeminent Instagram influencer marketing agency, to harness organic follower growth.

To dive deeper, feel free to connect with us!

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