uYouPlus IPA – Download uYou+ iOS 17 2024 Latest Version

YouTube is undoubtedly the most popular online video platform globally, with over 2 billion monthly active users. However, the official YouTube app misses many essential features that users crave, leaving them frustrated.

Premium subscriptions unlock some additional features but limit access for many basic users.

uYouPlus IPA

uYouPlus IPA

This is where uYouPlus comes in – the ultimate YouTube experience for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the uYouPlus IPA and how to download and install it on your iOS device.

What is uYouPlus IPA?

uYouPlus, also known as uYou+, is a modified version of the uYou iOS app. It unlocks access to YouTube Premium features and additional capabilities lacking in the standard YouTube app, similar to Vanced/ReVanced for Android.

With uYouPlus installed, you can enjoy ad-free viewing, background video playback, picture-in-picture mode, downloading shorts, and videos, and much more, absolutely free. It aims to provide the ultimate YouTube experience for iOS users.

Key Features of the uYouPlus IPA

Here are some of the most useful features unlocked by the uYouPlus IPA:

  • PiP

The picture-in-picture feature allows minimizing videos into a floating window in the corner of your iPhone or iPad screen. This remains visible atop other fullscreen apps, permitting simultaneous browsing or multitasking while your YouTube video plays within the movable PiP overlay.

  • No Ads

uYouPlus blocks all advertisements on YouTube, including video ads before, during, and after playback, plus homepage suggestions and banners. Removing ads prevents interruptions while watching and enables uninterrupted viewing.

  • Video Quality

Manually control streaming and downloading quality from extreme battery-saving 144p to stunning 2160p 4K HDR, or anything in between. Cater resolution to connection speeds and data limits since quality adjusting abilities typically require paid YouTube Premium access.

  • Download YT Shorts

Save entertaining, musical, or informative short-form YouTube clips right to your iOS device’s local storage. Build up an offline collection of favored shorts for plane rides, road trips, poor connectivity areas, or quick access whenever inspiration hits.

  • Set Download Path

Choose custom save locations for videos like external SD cards rather than the device’s internal memory. Designate file directories to neatly organize hefty downloading libraries. Prevent confusion by manually placing content in intuitive category folders.

  • Background Playback

Listen to videos like music playlists, podcasts, ambient soundscapes, and more while texting friends, gaming, reading, browsing the web or using other apps. Enables full uninterrupted audio playback in the background rather than awkward pausing.

  • Download Videos

Copy and paste URLs or video IDs into the downloader tool to save clips or entire playlists locally for offline playback later. Amass a collection of beloved videos that persist until manual deletion regardless of internet connectivity.

  • Video Format

Determine whether to save videos as space-saving WebM files, broadly compatible MP4, or WebM + MP4 for expanded format support. Cater format choice to target playback devices and platforms when building download libraries.

  • PiP Quality

Lower the pixels and bitrates feeding the small picture-in-picture floating video player to conserve battery life and device performance. Avoid overtaxing resources to maintain smooth PiP functionality during intensive multitasking situations.

  • Concurrent Downloads

Simultaneously download multiple videos as a batch instead of waiting for singular saves to complete before starting the next. Great for rapidly archiving channels, playlists and lengthy watch later queues offline.

How to Download uYouPlus iPA on Your iPhone?

You have three main options to install third-party apps like uYouPlus on iOS devices without jailbreaking:


TrollStore iPA

  • About: TrollStore is an app store alternative focused on letting iOS users install unsupported and jailbreak-only IPAs. It works by exploiting enterprise certificates for app sideloading.
  • Compatible iOS versions: TrollStore works on devices running iOS 14.0 to 15.6b (except iOS 15.5 RC).
  • Benefits: No computer required, no 7-day app signing limit, easy installs


Scarlet App

  • About: Scarlet is another app installer for sideloading IPAs without jailbreaking or computer connections. It uses unofficial certificates to install apps persistently.
  • Compatible iOS versions: Works on iOS versions from 14.0 up to the latest iOS 16.x releases.
  • Benefits: Supports modern iOS 16 devices, no computer required, fairly reliable signing.



  • About: AltStore enables sideloading unofficial IPAs after connecting an iPhone or iPad to a computer running AltServer software to initially install and resign apps weekly.
  • Compatible iOS versions: Functions on devices with iOS 14.0 to iOS 16.1.2 installed.
  • Benefits: Works reliably provided you can access a compatible computer weekly. Lets you manually back up and reinstall apps easily. More control over the process.

We will cover installation guides using all three methods in detail below.

Install uYouPlus with TrollStore (iOS 14-15.6b)

TrollStore is currently one of the easiest ways to install uYouPlus and other unofficial IPAs on iOS. The benefits of TrollStore include:

  • Works on iOS 14.0 to 15.6b devices (except 15.5 RC)
  • No computer required
  • No 7-day app refresh needed

Step 1: Download the TrollStore app from the official TrollStore site using your iOS device.

Step 2: Open the downloaded TrollStore app and tap “Install” to install it. Agree to trust the enterprise developer profile when prompted.

Step 3: Search for “uYouPlus” in the TrollStore app and tap “Install.” The uYouPlus IPA will now be installed through TrollStore.

Step 4: You can now open uYouPlus and start enjoying the ultimate YouTube experience!

That is all there is to it! uYouPlus is now ready for use on your iPhone or iPad via TrollStore.

Use Scarlet to Install uYouPlus (iOS 14-16.x)

Scarlet is an app store alternative similar to TrollStore focused on iOS IPA installation. Benefits include:

  • Compatible with iOS versions 14.0 up to 16.x
  • No computer or refreshing required
  • Provides access to many third-party and tweaked apps

Follow these steps to get Scarlet and uYouPlus loaded:

Step 1: Visit on your iOS device’s web browser. Tap “Install Scarlet” and hit Open on the Untrusted Enterprise Developer warning.

Step 2: You will be redirected to install the Scarlet profile. Tap Allow to enable the profile installation and installation of apps outside the App Store.

Step 3: Open the newly installed Scarlet app from your home screen and give permission to receive notifications if prompted.

Step 4: In the Scarlet app, search for “uYouPlus” and tap the cloud icon to install it.

The uYouPlus IPA will begin downloading and installing through Scarlet. Once finished, you can open uYouPlus and enjoy all of its benefits!

Use AltStore to Install uYouPlus on iOS

AltStore is also a great IPA installer for iOS but does require connecting your device to a computer periodically. AltStore works with iOS versions 14.0 to 16.1.2.

Follow these steps to set up AltStore and uYouPlus:

Step 1: Install AltServer on your Mac or Windows computer from This will allow connecting and installing apps to your iPhone or iPad through iTunes Wi-Fi sync.

Step 2: Connect your iOS device to your computer and open AltServer. Install the AltStore app to your device via Wi-Fi sync.

Table 1: AltServer Compatibility

Computer Operating System Version
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
macOS Mavericks or higher
Linux Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 or Debian 10/11

Step 3: On your iOS device, open the AltStore app and search for “uYouPlus.” Tap the cloud icon to install it.

Step 4: uYouPlus will begin downloading. Once finished, you can open it and access all included mod features!

Remember, AltStore apps require refreshing through your computer every 7 days to keep them signed and functioning.

How to Use uYouPlus on iPhone and iPad

Once installed through TrollStore, Scarlet, or AltStore, open uYouPlus to start enjoying everything this YouTube mod has to offer.

Accessing Core Features

Tap the uYouPlus settings cog icon in the bottom right of the app to tweak core functions like enabling background video playback, setting default video quality levels, themes, and much more.

Downloading Videos

Tap the download icon on any video page or search result to save clips for offline viewing. Use the Downloads tab in the bottom menu bar to monitor downloading and downloaded videos.

Using PiP Mode

Start playing a video, then exit the uYouPlus app while it continues running in the background. Swipe up from the bottom edge of your iPhone or iPad screen to reveal the video thumbnail. Tap it to enable picture-in-picture mode. Resize the PiP window from any corner or pause/play/close the video while using other apps.

Explore all sections of the app and customize uYouPlus to meet your preferences for the best experience. It aims to provide everything offered by YouTube Premium using this free mod.

Top 5 uYouPlus Alternatives for iOS

While uYouPlus is currently the most popular and full-featured modded YouTube app for iOS, here are 5 alternatives worth considering:

App Key Features
YTB X Block ads, play in background
uYou LT Lightweight version focused on downloading
Cercube Video downloads, import MP3s
** yt plus** Additional mini-player
YouTube++ Download manager

FAQs about the uYouPlus IPA

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about downloading, installing, and using uYouPlus:

Is the uYouPlus IPA free?

Yes, uYouPlus is completely free and does not require a jailbreak.

Does uYouPlus drain more battery than the stock YouTube app?

It depends on usage habits, but keeping default quality lower and disabling unused features helps improve battery drainage.

Can I restore purchases or use my YouTube Premium subscription?

Unfortunately, no. Premium perks must be unlocked using mod features instead of your standard subscription.

Is downloading videos with uYouPlus illegal?

Potentially. Videos are copyrighted, so downloading without permission violates terms in most cases. Use discretion.

What iOS versions are compatible with uYouPlus?

iOS 14.0 to up to iOS 16. Latest updates add compatibility for newer iOS versions.

Will Apple revoke uYouPlus certificates?

Possibly. Third-party apps face higher revoke chances. Scarlet provides the most reliable install method currently.

Can I get Vanced on iPhone?

No. Vanced is Android-exclusive. But uYouPlus delivers a nearly identical experience for iOS.

Is there malware or viruses associated with uYouPlus?

No. uYouPlus is developed by trusted members of the jailbreak community rather than malicious actors.

How do I uninstall uYouPlus?

Delete the app normally from your home screen or use Scarlet/AltStore > Installed > Edit > Delete if it won’t remove through standard means.

Why won’t uYouPlus install through TrollStore/Scarlet?

It could be revoked currently. Check sites for updated IPAs or use AltStore for manual installs.


The uYouPlus IPA unlocks the full potential of YouTube, delivering a premium level experience completely free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. With adblocking, background play, downloading, PiP and sponsor blocking activated, iOS users can finally get feature parity with modded Android solutions like Vanced.

TrollStore provides the quickest no-computer install method for uYouPlus currently. Scarlet offers added reliability for keeping the app signed and installed longer term. AltStore expects slightly more user effort but grants users manual control over refreshing and troubleshooting.

Give the amazing uYouPlus mod a try to transform the way you stream, share and enjoy videos on your Apple devices. The difference from the standard YouTube app is immediately noticeable. No matter which install procedure you follow, gaining access to this IPA’s exclusive feature set will satisfy even the most demanding iOS power user’s YouTube desires.

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