Download Filza iOS 17 iPA for iPhone

Hey there iPhone users! Got an iPhone running the latest iOS 17? Want to truly unlock your device’s potential and have complete control over its files and system? Well, you need Filza in your life.

Filza is hands-down the most powerful file manager for iPhone that lets you access everything on your device just as you would on a computer. I’m talking full read, edit, delete access to stuff iOS usually hides from you by default. Pretty awesome, right?

But before you get too excited, there’s a catch. Since Apple doesn’t allow this kind of app on the App Store, you’ll have to download Filza’s IPA file and sideload it onto your device using Cydia Impactor or similar tools.

Don’t worry though, sideloading IPA files is a piece of cake these days. The latest Filza iOS 17 iPA brings support specifically for iOS 17 with sweet new features. Once set up, you’ll be surprised how seamlessly Filza fits in as an integral tool on your iPhone.

So if you’re someone who likes taking control of your device, customizing everything, optimizing performance by removing junk files, or simply organizing files better – Filza is an indispensable app to have on iOS 17 iPhone. Let me quickly walk you through how to download and install Filza IPA on your iPhone.

Download Filza iOS 17 iPA for iPhone

Filza iOS

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Filza iOS 17 iPA including its key features, benefits, download and installation process, pros and cons, top alternatives, and FAQs.

Main Features of Filza iOS 17 iPA on iPhone

Here are some of the standout features of Filza iOS 17 iPA:

Powerful File Manager

  • Easily access, edit, delete, move, and manage app data, documents, images, backups, and system files.
  • Supports third-party storage services like iCloud, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, etc.
  • Delete unwanted hidden junk and temporary files to free up space.
  • View app info to monitor data usage.

Root Filesystem Access

  • Gain read and write access to the root filesystem with administrator privileges.
  • Allows changing permissions of system apps and files.
  • Useful for developers and advanced users.

User-Friendly Interface

  • Intuitive tabbed interface for easy navigation.
  • Categories content into Media, Apps, Documents, Systems, etc.
  • Handy tools like search, bookmarks, favorites, and recent.
  • Sort, filter, copy, and paste files with ease.
  • View archives without extracting them.

Enhanced Customization

  • Apply custom themes and icon layouts.
  • Set app-specific permissions and restrictions.
  • Schedule cron jobs like automated backups.

Extra Plugins

  • Add powerful plugins and tweaks for more functionality.
  • For example – Terminal, iCleaner, AppSync, Preference loader, etc.

Integration and Syncing

  • Integrates seamlessly with iTunes to transfer content between iOS devices and computers.
  • Setting profiles aids migration to new devices.
  • WebDAV provides integration with cloud storage services.

Key Benefits of Using Filza iOS 17 iPA:

Here are some of the major benefits you get from using Filza iOS 17 iPA:

  • Full control and access to your device’s filesystem and content just like a computer.
  • Helps delete unwanted clutter and optimize storage by removing junk, residual, and temp files.
  • Enhanced customization features to personalize device interface and settings.
  • A useful set of extra tools and plugins adds more functionality.
  • Backup and restore data securely from iTunes and iCloud.
  • Transfer files easily between iOS devices and sync with cloud storage.
  • Improved productivity through efficient and organized file management.
  • Helpful for developers and advanced users with access to root directories.
  • Schedule automated jobs like backups to maintain data redundancy.
  • An essential utility app with unmatched filesystem access.

In summary, Filza empowers iOS users by opening up file management capabilities that are otherwise hidden or restricted by default in iOS.

Step-By-Step Guide to Download and Install Filza iOS 17 iPA:

Since Filza is not available on the App Store, users need to sideload the Filza iOS 17 iPA onto their devices.

Here are the simplified steps:


  • You must have an iPhone/iPad running iOS 17 or above
  • The device needs to be jailbroken
  • Install Apps Manager and iTunes on your computer.

Download Filza IPA

  • Search and download the latest Filza iOS 17 IPA file onto your computer.
  • Reliable sources are appdb, iOS Haven, iPhoneCake, Ignition, etc.
  • Make sure the IPA is compatible with your iOS version.

Install Using Sideload Tools

  • Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Transfer the Filza IPA file to the device.
  • Use sideloading tools like Cydia Impactor, AltStore, or Sideloadly.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and enter your Apple ID when prompted.

Trust and Verify Profile

  • Once installed, go to Settings > General > Device Management on your iOS device.
  • Tap on the new developer profile under Enterprise App and trust it.
  • Optionally enable full filesystem access in Filza’s settings.

And that’s it! Filza will be ready to use on your iPhone or iPad to manage your files seamlessly.

Pros and Cons of Using Filza iOS 17 iPA:

Let’s have a look at some of the key pros and cons of using Filza iOS 17:


  • Powerful file manager with root access.
  • Enhanced device customization capabilities.
  • Useful tools and add-ons for experts.
  • Easy transfer of data across iOS and computer.
  • Helps reclaim storage by removing junk files.
  • Feature-rich intuitive interface for file management.


  • Complex and overwhelming for novice users.
  • Risk of accidentally deleting vital system files.
  • Potential security issues with open filesystem access.
  • Need to re-install after every iOS update.
  • Limited compatibility with the latest iOS versions.
  • Apps from unofficial sources have safety concerns.

While Filza is very useful for tech-savvy folks, it does come with a bit of a learning curve and needs some precautions. Be careful while handling root directory access.

Top 5 Filza File Manager Alternative Apps for iOS 2024

Here are some of the best alternative file manager apps to Filza worth checking out:

1. Documents by Readdle

  • Simple and user-friendly file management
  • Integrates with cloud storage services
  • Media player and document reader capabilities

2. iExplorer

  • Easily transfer data between iOS devices and computer
  • Backup, access, and export photos, messages, notes, etc.
  • Useful desktop client for iPhone and iPad

3. PhoneView

  • PC app to fully access the iOS filesystem and apps
  • Browse, search, and extract files from iOS backups
  • Export documents, messages, voicemails and more

4. iMazing

  • Robust desktop app for iOS device management
  • Seamless iTunes sync, backup, restore, and migration
  • Securely export data from apps to computer

5. f.lux

  • Open-source tweak for adjusting screen color temperature
  • Makes the display adapt to the time of day
  • Reduces blue light and eye strain

While not full-fledged file managers, these Filza alternatives excel in their specific use cases like desktop access, cloud storage, or display customization for iOS devices.

FAQs About Filza iOS 17 iPA:

Let’s go over some commonly asked questions regarding Filza:

  • 1. Does Filza work on non-jailbroken iPhones?

No, Filza requires the device to be jailbroken to work properly. It won’t function on non-jailbroken stock iOS.

  • 2. Is Filza safe for my iPhone?

Filza gives complete filesystem access so users need to be careful while modifying system files to avoid stability issues or data loss. As long as precautions are taken, it is safe.

  • 3. Can I damage my iPhone using Filza?

Yes, incorrectly modifying key system files can potentially cause issues like boot loops, battery drain, freezing, crashing of apps, etc. So basic technical knowledge is recommended.

  • 4. Is Filza free?

Yes, Filza is a 100% free jailbreak tweak. However, it is not available on the App Store and needs to be sideloaded.

  • 5. How do I get Filza File Manager on iOS 17?

You need to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad using jailbreaks like ChekcRa1n or Taurine and then sideload the Filza IPA file using Cydia Impactor or similar sideloading utilities.

  • 6. Does Filza drain the iPhone battery?

Filza itself does not drain battery life much. However, some plugins or wrongly configured tweaks/themes installed via Filza can potentially cause increased battery drain.

  • 7. Can I uninstall Filza completely?

Yes, Filza can be fully removed just like any other app from the home screen. Optionally you can use Cydia to purge configuration files after uninstalling.

  • 8. How do I allow Filza to access root files?

Launch Filza and go to its Settings. Enable the full filesystem access option here. You may need to ignore pop-up warnings on first access.

  • 9. What can someone do with Filza on my iPhone?

With unrestricted filesystem access, one can view/edit personal data like messages, emails, contacts, and photos or remotely control/monitor one device if compromised somehow.

  • 10. What is an IPA file?

IPA stands for iOS application archive file. It is the file format that stores apps and tweaks for sideloading onto iOS devices.

More iOS Apps:


Filza provides unparalleled file management capabilities with advanced customization options for jailbroken iOS devices. Just be cautious while handling root-level access.

Hopefully, this detailed guide covered everything you need to know about the powerful Filza iOS 17 iPA file manager utility for iPhone.

Go ahead and augment your iOS experience!

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