Receiving Strange Calls From +1 844-319-1130 – Spam or Not?

In recent times, many people have been receiving unsolicited and suspicious calls from the phone number +1 844-319-1130.

If you are one of them, you may be wondering why these calls are happening and what you can do to get them to stop.

Why Am I Receiving Strange Calls From +1 844-319-1130?

Receiving Strange Calls From +1 844-319-1130

This comprehensive guide will provide insight into who may be calling you, why it’s happening, how to identify if the calls are scams, and most importantly, what actions you can take to stop receiving them.

Who is Calling From +1 844-319-1130?

The +1 844-319-1130 number belongs to Sprint, one of the major telecommunication carriers in the United States. However, just because this number is associated with Sprint does not guarantee the calls received are legitimate or authorized by Sprint.

Here are some possibilities of who could be calling you from this number:


  • Telemarketing calls to cell phones without consent are illegal. However, many telemarketers still engage in this practice.
  • The +1 844-319-1130 number may be “spoofed” to make it seem the call is coming from Sprint.
  • If you answer, an automated recording or telemarketer agent may try pitching goods, services, or scams.

Debt Collectors

  • While debt collection calls are legal, collectors must follow regulations under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Unfortunately, some collectors use aggressive tactics barred by law.
  • The Sprint number may be spoofed by collectors hoping you recognize it and answer.
  • They may not identify themselves properly or make false threats to get you to pay debts you don’t even owe.


  • The +1 844-319-1130 calls could be outright scams to steal your money or personal information.
  • Scammers “spoof” legitimate business numbers to trick call recipients into thinking the call is official.
  • When you answer calls from this Sprint number, they may tell lies to scare you into taking actions like sharing sensitive information or making payments.

Why You Might Be Receiving Strange Calls from +1 844-319-1130?

If you are a Sprint customer and recognize +1 844-319-1130 as a Sprint phone number, here are reasons why you may be targeted with scam call spoofing using this number:

  • Scammers hope you trust a familiar number and let your guard down when answering calls
  • Your number may be on a “Sprint customers list” sold illegally or accessed in a data breach
  • Random auto-dialing to numbers in the Sprint phone number range

Unfortunately, illegal telemarketers, aggressive debt collectors, and outright scammers know that using existing phone numbers can increase the chances of recipients answering the phone. Spoofing +1 844-319-1130 takes advantage of public trust in Sprint and tricks many people into thinking the calls originate from Sprint.

Identifying Scam Calls from +1 844-319-1130

Learning how to detect spoofed scam calls claiming to be from reputable companies like Sprint is crucial to avoid falling victim to scams or harassment from aggressive telemarketers/debt collectors. Here are warning signs of scam calls from +1 844-319-1130:

  • They address you in vague terms like “Valued Sprint Customer” instead of your name.
  • Odd background sounds or excessive calls are echoing.
  • You are threatened with consequences for not taking immediate action.
  • They demand sensitive personal or financial information.
  • The number shows up as simply +1 844-319-1130 rather than a full phone number with an area code.

Additionally, search online to see if others have reported the number as a scam. Make sure to never provide payment or sensitive information to unsolicited callers. Request additional verification and a callback number first.

If calls persist after asking not to be contacted again, take action to defend yourself from harassment.

How to Deal with Calls from +1 844-319-1130?

If you receive calls from +1 844-319-1130 that display scam red flags or continue after you’ve asked them to stop, take steps to protect yourself:

1. Block Calls & Numbers

  • Check if your smartphone offers call/number blocking features.
  • Contact your phone carrier about call blocking options or third party call blocking apps.
  • Register your number on the FTC’s National Do Not Call Registry.

2. Report Callers

  • Report illegal telemarketing calls to the FTC.
  • File telephone harassment complaints with the FCC.
  • Submit scam numbers to sites/apps like Should I Answer? and RoboKiller.

3. Avoid Damage

  • Never provide payment or sensitive personal information to incoming calls.
  • Hang up immediately if calls display scam warning signs.
  • Warn friends and family about new phone scams claiming association with major brands.

Taking action helps not just you, but everyone vulnerable to harassment from spam callers misusing trusted business numbers like the Sprint +1 844-319-1130 phone number. Authorities can build cases around frequently reported numbers to support investigations and crackdowns.

What to Do If You Are Being Harassed?

Being subjected to repeated unwanted calls, threats, or high-pressure pitches crosses the line from nuisance to harassment and causes real distress. If +1 844-319-1130 calls continue tormenting you after requesting they stop, exercise your rights:

  • Inform callers they are violating telephone harassment laws.
  • File police reports regarding threats or illegal coercion attempts.
  • Consult lawyers about pursuing private telephone harassment lawsuits.
  • Submit telemarketing complaints to the state attorney general.
  • Warn scaremongers you will record future calls to provide evidence to authorities.

Additionally, work with your phone carrier or third party apps to identify callers and implement permanent call blocking where possible. Nobody should endure ongoing phone harassment, whether from dishonest telemarketers, aggressive debt collectors, or outright scammers.

Take back control with blocking options and do not hesitate asserting harassment violations to stop abuse of your telephone rights.


  • 1. Who owns the phone number +1 844-319-1130?

The +1 844-319-1130 number is currently assigned to Sprint. However, scam callers often spoof legitimate phone numbers to trick people. So calls from this number may not truly originate from Sprint.

  • 2. Why am I getting calls from +1 844-319-1130?

Potential reasons include illegal telemarketing calls, debt collectors attempting to reach previous owners of your number, scammers targeting Sprint customers with spoofed Sprint numbers, or random number generation dialing into the Sprint number range.

  • 3. What type of calls are made from +1 844-319-1130?

Reported call types include prerecorded scam robocalls, live scam calls, aggressive debt collection calls, and illegal telemarketing sales calls. Any unsolicited calls could be unauthorized harassment.

  • 4. How do I know if a +1 844 319-1130 call is fake?

Warning signs of scam calls include threats, demands for fast payment/personal information, and requests for prepaid gift cards or cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, search online to see if others have reported the number as fraudulent.

  • 5. Can I stop calls from +1 844-319-1130?

Yes, you can block specific numbers and turn on automatic call screening/blocking through your smartphone, phone carrier, or third-party apps. You can also legally demand callers stop contacting you.

  • 6. What happens if I answer calls from +1 844-319-1130?

If answered, scam robocalls typically lead to pre-recorded messages. Live scammers may tell lies to frighten or confuse you into providing money or information. Avoid damage by hanging up immediately.

  • 7. What do I do if +1 844-319-1130 calls threaten me?

Contact the police immediately to file telephone harassment and intimidation reports. Consider recording threatening repeat calls as evidence for authorities.

  • 8. How do I get +1 844-319-1130 to stop calling me?

Request clearly that the number stops calling, block it, then report continual unwanted calls to the FTC and FCC as telephone harassment.

  • 9. Can I take legal action against +1 844-319-1130 callers?

Yes, options may include harassment lawsuits, government agency complaints, and police reports if threats are made. Gather evidence like recordings and frequency/timing details.

  • 10. Where can I complain about calls from +1 844-319-1130?

File complaints with the FTC Do Not Call registry, FCC, your state attorney general office, and local consumer protection groups. Add your voice to stop harassment!

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Mysterious calls from any number including +1 844-319-1130 can be disruptive and unsettling. However, phone spoofing scams impersonating major companies are increasingly common.

Protect yourself by approaching unknown callers with caution, screening them, blocking fraudsters, and asserting your telephone consumer rights.

Report specific harassment incidents from abusive telemarketers, collectors, and scammers misusing the Sprint phone number to stop further victimization.

Stay vigilant against tricks like phone number spoofing and take action against tormenting scam callers. With smart precautions and a willingness to stand up to harassment, you can maintain control and peace of mind.

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