16 Crazy Sex World Records That Will Blow Your Mind

Sex. It’s perhaps one of the most popular human activities, yet it remains shrouded in mystery and taboo. However, a peek into some of the wildest sex world records shows just how creative, daring, and downright crazy we humans can get between the sheets.

From the longest masturbation marathon to the strongest vaginal weightlifting feat, some sex records seem almost unbelievable…until you read about the actual documented cases.

Other steamy records like the largest orgy or the oldest porn star reveal fascinating nuggets about unique sexual achievements.

16 Crazy Sex World Records That Will Blow Your Mind

Sex World Records

So leave your inhibitions behind and read on as we uncover some of the most mind-blowing, NSFW sex records that are sure to make your eyes pop!

What are Sex World Records?

Sex world records refer to record-breaking, verified sexual acts or achievements documented across the globe. These can involve individuals or groups and cover different aspects like:

  • Endurance – Longest masturbation session, kissing, etc.
  • Numbers – Most orgasms, largest orgy participants, etc.
  • Age-related – Oldest pornstar, virgin, etc.
  • Body-related – Largest breasts, penis size, etc.
  • Obscure sexual feats – Farthest ejaculation distance, most queefs, etc.

Documenting such records or “breaking sex records” is often done under observation by Record Books like the Guinness Book of World Records or niche record-keeping bodies.

The records shine a light on some extreme manifestations of human sexuality. However, most people view them as curiosities and not as goals to emulate.

Top 16 Wildest Sex World Records That Seem Too Wild to Be Real

Wildest Sex World Records

Here are 16 of the most unbelievable, shocking, and crazy global sex records that happened:

1. The Longest Solo Masturbation Marathon

  • Record Holder: Masanobu Sato
  • Record: Longest masturbation session – 9 hours and 33 minutes

Talk about an iron grip! Japanese man Masanobu Sato went hammer and tongs on himself for over 9 hours in 2009 to win the Masturbate-a-thon contest in San Francisco. His record highlights: his intense dedication to self-pleasure.

2. Most Orgasms in 60 Minutes

  • Record Holder: Unidentified woman
  • Record: 134 orgasms in one hour

Doctors observed a lucky woman having 134 orgasms back-to-back in just 60 minutes. That’s multiple orgasms every 30 seconds! Men however peaked at 16 orgasms in 60 minutes. Shows women are Queens of O-Town!

3. World’s Oldest Identical Twin Sex Workers

The Fokkens sisters share the record for being the planet’s oldest twin sex workers. The Dutch duo, now in their 70s, have been legally servicing clients for over 50 years in Amsterdam’s red light district. That’s longer than most marriages last!

4. Woman with the Largest Natural Breasts

  • Record Holder: Annie Hawkins-Turner (aka Norma Stitz)
  • Record: Size 102ZZZ chest – heaviest breasts

Annie’s mega-bust measures nearly nine feet around and her bras require industrial strength support! Each breast weighs up to 85 pounds – heavier than most toddlers. Yet the 60-something remains perky as the world record holder for heaviest natural rack after 40 years.

5. Most Sex Partners in 24 Hours

  • Record Holder: Lisa Sparks (aka Lisa Sparxxx)
  • Record: Sex with 919 men in 24 hours

No one came close to beating Lisa’s record set in Poland in 2004, which still holds the record for most sex partners in a day. The seasoned porn star averaged 1.5 partners per minute! Her superhuman feat proves women’s sex drive can rival and beat men’s libido.

6. Oldest Male Porn Star

  • Record Holder: Shigeo Tokuda
  • Record: Oldest active male porn star – early 80s

Japanese grandpa Shigeo Tokuda retired from his travel agent job at 60. But he embarked on a new career as the world’s oldest leading man in adult films! Now in his twilight years, Tokuda still stars in porn, earning his title of “undisputed king of Japanese mature porn”.

7. World’s Oldest Virgin

Feisty British secretary Clara Meadmore died a proud and self-proclaimed virgin just before turning 108 years old! The supercentenarian believed abstinence helped her live so long. Talk about extreme determination to avoid sex and intimacy!

8. Biggest Collection of Penises

Think a room full of penises is sexy? Well, this Icelandic museum has over 200 pickled animal phalluses on display! From cute mice to huge whales – this place is a penis paradise for zoologists. Best avoid first dates here perhaps!

9. Largest Group Sex Orgy

Think you’ve had wild group sex? Think again! 500 frisky Japanese couples set the world record in 2006 by simultaneously getting it on in a massive ballroom-sized orgy. The world’s biggest gangbang remains unbeaten after 15+ years.

10. The Longest Marriage Ever

Now here’s a lovely record! Sweethearts Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher married as teens in the 1920s and stayed loyal until Herbert died in their late 90s. The iconic couple holds the record for the longest marriage ever – at a swoon-worthy 86 years and 290 days! #RelationshipGoals

11. Most Bizarre Record: Most Queefs in 30 Seconds!

  • Record Holder: Abby
  • Record: 93 vaginal farts in 30 seconds!

Yes, Queef Queen is a thing! Howard Stern anointed a woman named Abby as Chief Queef after she ripped 93 airy vaginal farts in just 30 seconds! That’s some skillful muscle control to push out 3 queefs per second from down under!

12. Strongest Vagina Feat Ever

Pelvic powerhouse Tatyana Kozhevnikova enjoys vaginal weightlifting with heavy objects. The Russian gymnast once lifted a 31-pound kettlebell attached just to her private parts. That’s comparable to carrying six packs of soda between your legs!

13. World’s Largest Penis

Size matters when you’re the guy with the world’s biggest penis! Roberto of Mexico measures up with a colossal 19-inch schlong – making his member longer than a standard bowling pin. Can we get a “Hole-y moly”?

14. World’s Longest Kiss

  • Record Holders: Ekkachai & Laksana Tiranarat
  • Record: Locked lips for 58 hours, 35 minutes

Pucker up buttercup! This Thai couple smacked their lips together continuously for over 58 hours. We’re talking two whole days of nonstop kissing! The epic smooch left the lovebirds with inflamed faces. But their efforts nabbed them the record for the longest kiss ever.

Note: In 2023, Guinness World Records deactivated the longest kiss world record.

15. Farthest Ejaculation Distance

  • Record Holder: Horst Schultz
  • Record: Ejaculated 18 ft and 9 inches!

No one conclusively proved they could beat German man Horst Schultz’s supposed record for squirting semen the farthest distance. His legendary money shot flew nearly 19 feet away! That’s taller than a giraffe. Talk about an explosive…release!

16. Fastest Speed of Ejaculation

  • Record Holder: Horst Schultz
  • Record: 42.7 mph jizz velocity

Horst Schultz seems to be a big star in the niche circle of extreme ejaculators. In addition to distance, he also holds the record for having the fastest speed of flying baby gravy ever measured – clocking over 40 mph! This guy knows how to put the “cum” in cumshot huh!

Frequently Asked Questions about Sex World Records

Sex records undoubtedly trigger a lot of lively curiosity and questions in people’s minds. Let’s explore some key FAQs:

  • Q1. Why do people try to break sex world records?

A. Reasons range from fame, proving sexual ability, and cash prizes to just seeking a thrill. Sometimes health advocates use it to spread awareness too.

  • Q2. Do record holders practice or prepare somehow?

A. Many records like nonstop kissing or the orgasm record require building exceptional focus and stamina over time through practice. Others use tools like arousal supplements as well.

  • Q3. Speaking of supplements…do people use performance enhancers?

A. Yes, especially for extraordinary endurance records, people take supplements for energy and arousal boosts to last longer.

  • Q4. That 919 sex partners in a 24-hour record sounds impossible! Is that for real?

A. Hard to wrap your head around it but yes! Observers from an adult film company documented and filmed Lisa Sparks’ entire 24-hour sex marathon with hundreds of men.

  • Q5. Eww…the queef and penis museum records sound disgusting! What’s the deal?

A. Extreme record attempts often involve bizarre feats even the participants admit are silly or gross. The spectacle is what draws attention. But it’s all consensual fun.

  • Q6. Don’t these wacky sex records objectify people though?

A. Most mainstream records don’t. The people involved make individual choices to participate eyes wide open, not coerced. Outliers that exploit may exist in shadier circles.

  • Q7. What does the oldest male porn star record say about sexuality in old age?

A. Seniors like 80-yr old Tokuda shatter stereotypes that aging means losing intimacy. He proves sexual desire persists late in life for many.

  • Q8. Do sex records inspire people’s bedroom antics?

A. Trying to mimic extreme records seen in porn or contests is NOT advisable without precautions. However, some records spark ideas to spice things up.

  • Q9. Which sex records likely won’t be broken ever?

A. Records involving super stimulation over really long durations may stand unmatched for ages. The 9-hr+ masturbation event possibly won’t be bested soon!

  • Q10. Any funny or weird sex records you’ve heard of?

A. “Most bras unhooked by a man in one minute” and “most eggs balanced on a phallus” take the cake! People create the strangest categories.

The Mile High Club: Airborne Sex Records

Joining the Mile High Club

  • Record Holder: Richard Branson
  • Record: Only billionaire in Mile High Club?

Virgin Airlines mogul Richard Branson confessed he joined the Mile High Club at age 19 during a flight. He supposedly had hanky panky in the loo with a hot stewardess. Is he the only billionaire member of the exclusive mid-air sex society?

Highest Altitude Intercourse

  • Record Holders: Flight crew
  • Record: Sex at 18,000 feet!

One randy pilot and flight attendant duo couldn’t resist getting frisky during a packed flight. They sneaked into the cockpit for a quick insignias romp at 18,000 ft – the world record for the highest altitude intercourse!


After absorbing these spectacular, slightly perverted records, your perception of sex may never quite be the same again! From super speed to ultra duration, we discovered extraordinary limits of human performance capabilities when it comes to getting it on.

While no one expects or recommends trying to break these records, it’s fascinating to learn just how wild, weird and food creativity can get between the sheets – especially when competitive urges or fame drives people.

At the end of the day, maintaining a healthy intimate life is what matters – not chasing sex records. But we sure got an eye-opening glimpse into some crazy corners of human sexuality along the way!

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