WhatsApp is testing a handy new feature that will give channel owners more control over managing their channels. In the latest beta version, WhatsApp is trying out the ability for channel owners to add new admins.

This feature, found in the channel information screen, will allow owners to appoint trusted users as admins to help run busy channels. The admin list will stay private from regular followers. While still in testing, this feature promises to provide a useful management tool for owners of large, active channels on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Allows Channel Owners To Add New Admins

WhatsApp Allows Channel Owners To Add New Admins

If the beta trial goes smoothly, the admin add capability could roll out more widely in a future update.

WhatsApp Testing New Admin Features for Channels

WhatsApp is rolling out an update that will give channel owners more control over their channels.

Some key details:

  • Latest Beta Version:
  • New Feature: Channel owners can add admins
  • Found in: Channel information screen
  • Status: Testing, only in beta

Adding New Channel Admins

Channel owners will soon be able to add other users as admins to help manage their channels.

  • This new option will be in the channel info screen
  • Owners can invite trusted users to become admins
  • Useful for large/active channels with heavy workloads
  • Admin list remains private, not visible to channel followers

Benefits of Adding Admins

Having extra admins provides several benefits:

  • Shares workload for busy channels
  • Provides more control and management
  • Allows owners to focus on content
  • Helps channels operate smoothly as they grow


This feature is still in development and only available in the beta version right now.

Version Includes Admin Feature
Main release ❌ Not yet
Beta v2.23.23.7 ✅ Yes

The beta is accessible through the Google Play Beta Program. The feature is expected to roll out more widely in a future main update if testing goes well.

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