Great news! Google is making its Drive space on the web even better with a new update. They’re adding a handy “Activity” feed to Google Drive to make things easier for users, especially those who work with a lot of files.

This new feed will show you all the waiting access requests, recent comments, and approvals in one spot.

Google Drive Introducing New “Activity” Feed On Web

Google Drive Introducing New “Activity” Feed On Web

This update means users can see all their pending requests, comments, and approvals in the Google Drive Activity feed, quickly and accurately, without any extra steps. Remember, Google Drive is a place where users can store their files and get to them from any device.

What does Google say about this update?

The “Activity” feed lets users see recent file activity and then take action right there on the page. After updating the Drive, file names will be in the left column and the activity will be next to it. It’s divided into “Access Requests” (if there are any), “Approvals”, and “Recent comments”.

On the right side, blue buttons let users manage access, review, and open comments. The comments section will show items from the last 30 days and will appear if users are:

  • Signed up for notifications.
  • Taking part in the specific comment thread.
  • Mentioned in a comment in that file.

This new page will show up in the sidebar between “Priority” and “Workspaces”. Google is gradually rolling out this new Activity feed in Google Drive over the next few weeks. It will be available to all Google Workspace customers.


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