Oppo is giving a new update to its ColorOS Smart Sidebar! Both Oppo and Realme phone users can use this to make their Home screen easy to use and quick to open apps the way they like it. Let’s see what’s fresh in the update.

Update Details for ColorOS Smart Sidebar Oppo is bringing out an update with a build number to help users find it easily – it’s v13.2.9. It’s a good idea to get this update since it’s only 12.32 MB in size, so it won’t take up much space.

ColorOS Smart Sidebar Update v13.2.9

ColorOS Smart Sidebar Update v13.2.9

However, before you download, check your device’s version number. This is because the update works only on devices using Android 12L.

What’s Fresh in ColorOS Smart Sidebar Update v13.2.9?

With the new update, Oppo fixed all the bugs and issues found in the older version. This means no more trouble and better working of the app, which improves the user’s smooth experience.

The phone will also be steadier, more reliable, and work better with other devices after the update. No big changes or new features, just improvements.

How to Get ColorOS Smart Sidebar Update v13.2.9?

Downloading the new ColorOS Smart Sidebar update is easy – just click the link below.

Download the Update Here:

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