BB Rec Screen Recorder iOS –¬†As an iPhone user, you’re probably aware that recording your screen is prohibited by Apple. This can be frustrating when you want to make tutorial videos, record gameplay, or capture any activity on your device’s display.

Well, thankfully there are clever workarounds that app developers have created to bring screen recording to iPhones and iPads.

One app that has been gaining popularity for iOS screen recording is BB Rec. This slick little app manages to trick the Airplay feature on your iPhone or iPad to capture your screen activity.

The best part is it doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device! I gave BB Rec a try on my iPhone 13 running iOS 15 and found it surprisingly easy to use.

BB Rec Screen Recorder iOS 15

BB Rec Screen Recorder iOS

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to install BB Rec Screen Recorder iOS 15 IPA, its standout features, and provide some tips for getting great screen recordings. Let’s dive in!

Downloading and Installing BB Rec Screen Recorder iOS 15

Unfortunately, Apple removed BB Rec from the official App Store, so you’ll need to use a third-party app source to get it on your device. Here are a few methods I tried that worked smoothly:

  • vShare – vShare is like an alternative app store for iOS devices. First, download the vShare app on your iPhone or iPad (you can get it from their website). Once installed, open vShare and search for “BB Rec” in the Apps section. Tap to download and install it – that’s it!
  • Cydia Impactor – This desktop app lets you install IPA app files downloaded from outside the App Store. First, grab the BB Rec IPA file from the internet. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and open Cydia Impactor. Drag and drop the BB Rec IPA file into Cydia. Enter your Apple ID when prompted. After a few minutes, you’ll find BB Rec installed on your home screen.
  • TutuApp – Similar to vShare, TutuApp provides apps beyond the App Store. Just search for and download TutuApp, open it up, search for BB Rec, tap Get, and you’ll have the screen recording app in no time.

The installation does take a bit more work than downloading from the App Store, but rest assured the process is straightforward. Within just a few minutes I had BB Rec ready to start capturing my iPhone’s screen.

Key Features of BB Rec That Make Screen Recording a Breeze

After installing BB Rec, I was excited to test out its features and recording capabilities. Here are some of the highlights that make BB Rec a top choice for iPhone screen recording:

  • Simple One-Tap Recording – Just open the app and tap the big red button to start capturing your screen. Intuitive controls let you pause, resume, or stop recording with ease.
  • Up to 3 Hours of Recording – Unlike some recording apps with shorter limits, BB Rec lets you capture up to 3 hours of video in one shot. Perfect for recording long gaming sessions or tutorials.
  • Adjustable Video Resolution – BB Rec allows you to set the video resolution anywhere from 720p to 1080p HD. This gives you smaller file sizes or crystal clear quality.
  • Vertical or Horizontal Modes – Want to record a tall Snapchat story or wide gameplay video? BB Rec can automatically adjust for portrait or landscape orientations.
  • Draw on your Recordings – The built-in annotation tools let you draw, highlight, and add text to your videos for more effective tutorials.
  • Share Videos Instantly – BB Rec makes sharing your new video easy with direct export to social apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and more.

With its simple interface, customization options, and handy editing tools, BB Rec has you covered for all your iPhone screen recording needs.

Comparing BB Rec to Other Screen Recorders

One question you might have is how BB Rec stacks up against some of the other screen recording apps for iOS. Here’s a quick comparison of some key features:

  • Shou – Shou has similar features to BB Rec like custom resolutions and no time limits. But BB Rec’s interface and controls seem a bit more intuitive and user-friendly in my experience.
  • AirShou – AirShou works very well but requires connecting your iPhone to a computer to view and export videos. BB Rec lets you record and share completely wirelessly.
  • DU Recorder – DU Recorder has great annotation tools but higher file sizes than BB Rec. BB Rec delivers smaller files while maintaining high video quality.
  • ScreenRec – ScreenRec is free and simple but limited to only 10 minutes per recording. BB Rec brings unlimited recording time.

Overall, BB Rec comes out on top for me thanks to its wireless operation, smaller file sizes, and sleek interface. But other apps like Shou are certainly good options too if BB Rec is ever unavailable.

Tips for Editing Your BB Rec Screen Recordings

Once you record your iPhone’s screen with BB Rec, you can edit and polish the videos right in the app. Here are some tips for editing with BB Rec’s built-in tools:

  • Trim the length – Cut down long videos by trimming off unnecessary sections at the beginning or end. Just drag the trim sliders.
  • Draw and annotate – Use the pen, highlighter, shapes, and text tools to illustrate points and call out important information.
  • Adjust speed – Make tutorials slower for complex parts by lowering playback speed. Increase speed to condense uneventful sections.
  • Merge videos – Stitch multiple videos together by tapping the merge button. Great for combining clips.
  • Change orientation – Swap orientation from landscape to portrait or vice versa if needed to match the video contents.
  • Enhance audio – Raise quiet sections and normalize audio across the video for consistent sound levels.

Tips for Sharing Your BB Rec Videos

BB Rec makes it super simple to export and share your finished screen recordings with its built-in posting options. Here are some tips for sharing your videos far and wide:

  • YouTube – Trim and enhance the video first. Title it as something descriptive. Select the 1080p HD option when uploading for crystal clear quality.
  • Instagram – Crop to vertical. Use relevant hashtags in the caption to help people find it. Short 15-60 second clips tend to perform best.
  • TikTok – Same idea as Instagram. Trim to vertical length. Add some fun music. Jump cuts keep viewers engaged.
  • Twitter – Shorter is better for Twitter. Upload a quick 15-30 second teaser of your video with a link back to the full YouTube version.
  • WhatsApp – Longer videos may compress here. For sharing quick how-to’s or tutorials in under a minute, WhatsApp is perfect.

With BB Rec’s seamless sharing integrations, you can distribute your cool iPhone screen recordings anywhere with just a tap!

Troubleshooting Common BB Rec Issues

While I had smooth sailing with BB Rec, you may encounter a few hiccups along the way. Here are some common issues and fixes:

  • Installation problems – A VPN may interfere with installing from third-party sources like vShare. Disable your VPN before installing.
  • Laggy or choppy video – Close all other apps first. Low battery or low storage space can also cause performance issues.
  • Audio not recorded – Ensure your phone is not on silent mode. Check BB Rec settings for audio recording enabled.
  • Recording stops randomly – Likely a battery or memory issue. Free up storage space and record with your phone charged.
  • App crashing – Try reinstalling BB Rec and rebooting your iPhone if the app experiences crashes or won’t open.

Hopefully, these troubleshooting tips will help you circumvent any technical hurdles on your screen recording journey with BB Rec! Let me know in the comments if you have any other issues that arise.

Record Your iPhone Screen Like a Pro with BB Rec Screen Recorder iOS 15

After years of no built-in option, iOS users finally have an easy way to record their screens with BB Rec. For me, it has become an indispensable tool for capturing tutorial videos, gameplay clips, and so much more from my iPhone.

Hopefully, this expanded guide has shown you how to expertly install, utilize, edit, and share videos using BB Rec for stellar screen recordings. With just a few taps, you’ll be recording and sharing your iOS device’s screen just like a professional video creator. No jailbreak is required!

So give BB Rec a try and let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was with just how capable an app it is. Screen recording on my iPhone has never been simpler!

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Hopefully, this overview has shown you how to get BB Rec Screen Recorder iOS 15 IPA installed, utilize its handy features, and start making great screen recordings.

With just a few taps, you’ll be recording and sharing your iOS device’s screen just like that. No jailbreak is required!

So give BB Rec a try and let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was with just how capable an app it is.

Screen recording on my iPhone has never been simpler!


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